Catena and Other Innovations

February 28, 2018 - 4 Comments

Do you ever use a Firewall, Load-balancer, WAAS, IPS, WSA or any other L4-L7 device in your network? How is your experience, when you have to introduce a new virtual/physical device in your network? When you have multiple departments/tenants sharing these devices?

Catena is a cutting edge innovation, that provides application chaining, security, analytics and L4-L7 applications integration solution at Multi-Tbps.

Catena is already available on Nexus 9000 and Nexus 7000 series of switches.

The solution works with all L4-L7 virtual and physical devices, such as, Firewalls, IPS, IDS, WAAS, DDoS protection, load-balancers, SSL offload engines, network monitoring, containers, VMs, etc.

User can create multiple instances of Catena. Each Catena instance can have multiple chains/paths. Each Chain can have multiple elements. Each element could comprise of one or more physical/virtual devices.

Please see this InformationWeek article for more info:

Here is the Catena configuration guide.

Here are links to some of my other innovations:

ITD: Intelligent Traffic Director

iCAM: Intelligent CAM Analytics and Machine Learning

RISE: Remote Integrated Services Engine


PLB: Pervasive Load-Balancing

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  1. Does it support IPv6 and Dual Stack… What is the scale this can go to ?

  2. Nice to see this Cisco solution of its successful Nexus product line from an accomplished technology industry professional, Samar.

  3. The most value added features to the NX-OS are ITD and Catena that make life easier for Net/Sec admin also get ride off fancy , pricey LB .
    Thanks you