It was about 18 months ago, when I started a new project called “Catena”. It was based on my inventions in the area of application-chaining, security, segmentation and L4-L7 applications integration.

I also lead/managed the team to design, develop, validate and deliver the product to customers. The Catena project has grown significantly in last few months. Catena has won 4 industry awards. A large number of customers are deploying Catena.

Catena allows the user to create, orchestrate and scale an elastic network. It could be a data center, service provider or enterprise network.

The innovative solution works with all L4-L7 virtual and physical devices, such as, Firewalls, IPS, IDS, WAAS, DDoS protection, load-balancers, SSL offload engines, network monitoring, etc.

The solution is natively embedded into the switch/router, i.e., the user doesn’t have to buy any service module or external hardware.

Here are some key points:

  • Catena doesn’t use any additional packet headers (neither proprietary, nor standards based)
  • Catena doesn’t mandate the use of any specialized hardware
  • Catena doesn’t mandate the use of any particular controller

Here are some of the links:


For more information and slide deck, please email nxos-catena@cisco.com



Samar Sharma

Intelligent Traffic Director for Nexus 9k/7k/6k/5k