IT managers are looking for proof that new solutions deliver significant benefits and superior value before they commit to a migration. A TCO/ROI calculator is a great tool to help make those infrastructure planning decisions. The new Cisco UCS RISC/UNIX Migration TCO and ROI Calculator provides a quick, simple tool for IT managers to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and potential Return On Investment (ROI) of migrating an existing RISC server infrastructure to the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Simply input your company, server, software, systems administration profiles and the desired Cisco UCS solution to receive an ROI analysis. The ROI analysis presents the business case results for the proposed Cisco UCS solution compared to the current RISC/UNIX server environment over a specified analysis period. Key financial metrics including the Investment, Total and Annual Benefits, Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the Payback Period are produced. A Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document can also be created to share the results with team members and management.

In many instances, aging and proprietary RISC/UNIX infrastructure fail to deliver the performance and flexibility required to support the modernization of applications and the dynamic demands of the business. Customers are also looking to reduce the high hardware maintenance and software licensing costs associated with RISC/UNIX systems.  Many times, this savings alone can fund a migration project.  I urge you to spend just a few minutes with the tool and see how much you can reduce costs and improve your return on investment by migrating to Cisco UCS.


Tim Stack

Product Marketing Manager

Data Center and Virtualization