Since Cisco announced its intent to acquire WHIPTAIL, many have taken to the Internet to speculate about how WHIPTAIL’s flash memory systems will fit into Cisco’s product line. The speculation ended with the launch of Cisco’s UCS Invicta™ Series Solid-State Systems.cisco ucs invicta

By introducing the capability and performance of flash memory into the UCS platform, which is dedicated to easy management, customers can finally be application-centric. They can organize and manipulate the environment in whatever way will best serve the business at any given point in time, which allows for usability and reusability of the resources.

Let’s say that I have an application requiring a certain amount of memory and processing capability. And let’s say that I want the application to operate with a specific level of performance. Now I can organize the environment very rapidly to account for those characteristics. I can assemble it and then make it available to the application owner to just simply place the application down.

UCS Invicta in conjunction with UCS Director allows users to organize environments around needs instead of reacting to and being limited by what is available.  With the latest release of UCS Director, users can manage UCS Invicta (as well as their entire converged infrastructure) from a single self-service web portal, significantly reducing management time. Together with UCS Director, your infrastructure will automatically have resources available so you can accelerate applications.  This is being application-centric, and this is how UCS Invicta complements the UCS architecture.

To learn more about the integration of solid-state into UCS and application acceleration, watch the UCS Invicta webcast.