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Did you know that by 2025, IDC estimates that nearly 20% of data in the global datasphere will be critical to our daily lives and nearly 10% of that data will be hypercritical?1 That means data will be driving the applications we rely on every day:  from the delivery of healthcare to the operating of utilities.

To that end, organizations are turning towards Cisco HyperFlex to assure the continuous availability of their business critical applications and the Veeam Availability Suite for the protection of those applications’ data.  In fact, it’s been an exciting year for the Cisco and Veeam partnership.  Early this year, we announced Cisco HyperFlex with the Veeam Availability Suite for multisite deployments to assure a flexible, agile, and scalable infrastructure that is protected and easy to deploy across multiple sites.

Veeam has done an excellent job in delivering a user experience for customers to make backups easier and ensuring applications are available, however as a team here at Cisco and at Veeam we realized that  the underlying storage and other hardware is still complex to manage. Our customers were asking  for a simplified procurement, support, and upgrade process with cloud-like simplicity. So we went to work together on it.

What’s New with Cisco and Veeam

Cisco and Veeam have created the Veeam Availability Solution on Cisco HyperFlexThis new solution brings the power of hyperconvergence to data protection.  This jointly developed and pre-validated solution assures cloud-like simplicity and agility, provides scalability and high availability for the Veeam solution.  This helps organizations manage the risks of downtime or failure of their data protection solution—as well as the other applications and workloads that run their business.

With this new joint offering, organizations can enjoy the linear horizontal scaling ease of HyperFlex for their data protection solution.  As new VMs that need data protection are added to the HyperFlex cluster, users can seamlessly add the needed services and storage capacity for the Veeam Availability Suite by simply adding more nodes to the system.

By virtue of this joint offering—the Veeam services are now made highly available.  If the Cisco HyperFlex node running the data protection solution goes down for some reason—there is automatic failover of critical backup services to a new node.  The Veeam services are simply transferred to a new node without interruption for continuous availability.

Critical application data is now stored in a more resilient and durable fashion thanks to this new offering as well.  Should any disk fail in a Cisco HyperFlex node that’s being used for data protection. The protected data is simply rerouted to a new node as the automatic rebuild of the disk happens.   Once the rebuild of the data store happen, data is once again automatically rerouted to the rebuilt disk.

Organizations have turned to  HyperFlex for the easy scalability, high availability, resilience, and lower operating costs it delivers to run their enterprise applications.  It only makes sense that we’d offer the same benefits for their data protection solution as well.  This new offering provides customers a simplified buying experience and single-sourced support for both Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam Availability Suite—all on a jointly designed and pre-validated solution that speeds deployment and reduces the risk around critical data protection services.

In today and tomorrow’s data dependent world can you afford to have an interruption of your business-critical applications and the data that drives them? This new, combined solution of Veeam Availability Solution on Cisco HyperFlex—helps ensure that your data is always protected and always available.

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Source: IDC Data Age, 2017


Todd Brannon

Product Management Senior Director, Cisco Compute