During the exciting atmosphere at  logo

35,000 attendees, customers,  and partners were encouraged to accelerate customer engagement, “simplify everything and do anything”.  IoE and Big Data factored into many breakouts and vendor presentations to show how real time information and analytics can enable efficiency, effectiveness, and business transformation.

The need for fast IT was apparent given the strategic investments SAP HANA customers are making in software and infrastructure to obtain real time analytics, meet regulatory compliance, and run multiple Development, Test, and Productions streams.

I presented our solution on application centric converged infrastructure for SAP HANA  which accelerates application deployment and simplifies  operations through application centric policy.  



This includes:

  • Ensuring secure application infrastructure with auditability for compliance with confidential data
  • Assuring application SLAs can be met when app infrastructure visibility and control are integrated across physical and virtual delivered through a central management and control point
  • Using a powerful application policy model to improve workflows across the IT operations teams.


Among the regulated industry SAP customers, data sovereignty and privacy concerns is a major factor leading to application requirements and changes.

Listen to Miguel Moreira, CEO Portugal Telecom Cloud & Data Centers, talk about working with SAP and Cisco to “deliver highly secure services that meet, exactly, governance requirements while lowering the costs dramatically” to his customers.  How?  With ACI.


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