Announcing #SelfieBINGO fun for Cisco Live! #CLUS

SelfieBingo SampleOne of the things I love about Cisco Live is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Especially fun is meeting people I’ve known on Twitter!  To help increase this fun, I’m announcing SelfieBINGO! Hopefully, this will strengthen our community (offline and on) and give people a great reason to make new friends.

Between now and June 3rd I’ll be collecting twitter handles, names, and hints on where people will be. Then I’ll print up a few bingo cards, and anyone who wants to can join in on the fun!  Details below on how to be part of SelfieBINGO and then how to play!

Want to be on a Bingo Card? – Do This First:

3 options: Leave a comment on this blog, ping me on Twitter (@Lauren, #SelfieBingo), or fill out this sekret form with:

  1. Your Twitter handle
  2. Your real name (first & last)
  3. (Optionally) a hint on where you’ll be.

At Cisco Live:

Pick up a #SelfieBINGO card at the social meetup on Sunday, at the Community party Monday night, and in the Social Media hub or in the Data Center booth throughout the week.  And yes, I’ll update this / tweet excessively with more details.

How to play:

  1. Find people on your sheet(s)
  2. Introduce yourself and take a selfie with them
  3. Tweet the selfie with their name, the bingo card number, and the hashtags: #SelfieBingo #CLUS
  4. Cross out the box with the name of the person in your selfie.
  5. (make a note of the day/time you took the selfie if you can)
  6. When you have 5 in a row take a picture with yourself & your bingo sheet! #SelfieBingo #CLUS

For example: I’d find Melanie, take our picture, tweet it (as below) and cross off her name on the bottom middle square of the *sample* grid above!

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  1. Ok, I’ll join the fun! 1. @powersla 2. Laura Powers 3. I’ll be hanging out with Robb Boyd as one of the hosts for “backstage pass” on CiscoTV live from all over the show floor. You can also find me at the social media hub.

  2. 1. Dez_Sayz
    2. Destiny Martin
    3 SolarWinds booth

  3. @3xia
    Kenyon Dates
    Social Hub, WoS, Partner Events, Whisper Suites

  4. session rooms are now available
    d/l the app , as they are easier to find them

  5. Hooray!
    1) @Tinashakour
    2) Tina Shakour
    3) At all the things tweeting, Periscope-ing and asking questions!

  6. 1. @vCabbage
    2. Kale Blankenship
    3. Social Hub, Sessions

  7. @ingridspeaks
    Ingrid Kambe
    Edu, healthcare, Solutions Theater, WX Demo Path, or “the Hub”

  8. 1. @ghostinthenet 2. Jody Lemoine 3. Social Hub / Champs Corner / Eclectic Sessions

  9. Going to #CLUS? Lauren Friedman is hosting #GeekSlices – yummy awesome pizza & beer – 10pm PST Jun 8th. RSVP at

  10. Craig Johnson @crajohnson I’ll be escorting customers…whisper suites.

  11. @ck_nic

    I’ll be at the booths or ACI/DC sessions.

  12. Cisco believes that IoT will grow to U$19 Trillion globally and 50 Billion devices by 2020-
    see Canadian growth rate per industry

  13. hello a blog list for Cisco live nebies

    NOTE, we were all newbies once. Do your part and join the CL15 mentor programs . trust me that this is a TWO way street . You may be surprised how much you learn from the person that you mentor!

  14. 1) @erickbe
    2 ) erick Bergquist
    3 ) social media hub, collab and security sessions , cc events

  15. 1. @net_man_one. baziuk 3. Devzone, social hub, VCE area, vceusergroup, emc area, VMware area , solarwinds area, Mentor for new ciscolive people

  16. Wendell Odom

  17. Your Twitter handle: @Dez_Sayz
    Your real name: Destiny Martin
    Hint: SolarWinds booth

  18. Lauren – this is great! Love it!

    1) @DeniseFishburne
    2) Denise “Fish” Fishburne
    3) Sunday night at the tweet-up. 5:30pm-7:30pm Social Media Lounge… there are plans of great fun and silliness! Other than that? 🙂 Sessions baby!

  19. Alas, I will not be in San Diego, but I might do a Periscope asking for updates. You can do a screen capture. Subscribe to my Periscope and find me here:
    1. @silviakspiva
    2. Silvia K. Spiva
    3. Periscope (follow me now!)

  20. 1.@RBakker 2.Rachel Bakker 3. Social Media Hub

  21. 1.@ReneeYao1
    2.Renee Yao
    3. Community events/DC booth/IoE Big Data Tour

  22. I want in. I will be easy to find and I would love to help promote this using our live show each day. 1. @robbboyd, 2.Robb Boyd, 3. TechWiseTV – one of the hosts for ‘Backstage Pass’ live from all over the show floor… Genius idea Lauren!

  23. 1)@nicolew057 2)Nicole Walter 3)Cisco EWN events, Social Hub, Collaboration anything, Community, World of Solutions – sounds like fun!

  24. 1. @BlakeKrone 2. Blake Krone 3. I’ll be everywhere, looking for The Cisco Hat, photobombing JC like it’s no big deal.


      • You know, I said the same thing. I honestly didn’t recognize him at #WLPC at first. Haven’t seen him with that for a while now.

  25. 1) @BrianCSCO 2) Brian Villanueva 3) Ubiquitously pimping Cisco dCloud ( at #CLUS and hanging at the Social Media Hub

  26. 1. @KathleenMudge 2. Kathleen Mudge 3. Social Media Hub and searching for The Cisco Hat 🙂

  27. I’ll be at all the fun places. Plus the EMC booth on occasion

  28. 1. @aossey
    2. Mike Aossey
    3. DevZone, Social Hub, Community Event, Collaboration and DevOps Breakouts, Champs Corner

  29. 1. @scottm32768
    2. Scott McDermott
    3. Social hub, Wireless sessions

  30. 1.@SampleFive (or @EngDeathmatch )
    2.John Welsh
    3.Some places I’ll be:
    -Sessions generally
    -Social Hub on Tuesday morning filming Engineering Deathmatch (and also other times as time permits)
    -2Ring booth on Wednesday at 11 filming more Engineering Deathmatch

  31. I’ll get it started:
    1. Lauren
    2. Lauren Friedman
    3. Community events / social hub / champs corner / DC booth