When you hear a statistic like ‘87 % of enterprises believe that analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years,’ two things become clear. First, we no longer need to make the business case for big data and analytics: enterprises clearly understand the value. Second, the next three years will be a whirlwind of data-driven innovation.

Line of Business and IT executives alike are feeling a new level of urgency to identify the right analytics use cases for their business and deploy them quickly. Having a Hadoop-based solution that’s fueled by a highly-scalable and intelligent infrastructure is a good start.  But, what do you do next to put your company on the fast track to implementing pervasive use of game-changing analytics solutions throughout your company?

Cisco would like to help you answer those questions. Join us for our February 24th webcast: Analytics Solutions for Driving Better Business Outcomes: Let Cisco and Leading Analytics Partners Help You Accelerate Big Data Insights at 9am PT to hear how several analytics leaders are enabling exciting innovations to the analytics market. Learn how Cisco is working with them to integrate their breakthrough solutions with our end-to-end big data and analytics infrastructure so our customers can speed solutions to market, reduce risks, and have the freedom to work with the software providers that best suit their business.

Hear about joint analytics innovations from the following analytics leaders:

  • Splunk’s VP, Shay Mowlem, will talk about how Splunk and Cisco are innovating to put the power of machine data-driven intelligence into the hands of more users, more securely and cost-effectively
  • Pete Schlampp, VP of Product Development at Platfora,  will discuss how their easy to use, 100% native Hadoop analytics environment running on a Cisco infrastructure is providing better access to all forms of data in Hadoop and speeding delivery of insights to non-technical users.
  • David Besemer, CTO of Cisco Data Virtualization, will highlight how our data virtualization software allows organizations to easily access different types of data, from dispersed data locations, using varied access technologies, for a wide range of users
  • David Parker, Global Vice President, Big Data & Internet of Things at SAP will talk about how the enterprise application leader is working with Cisco to provide customers with a single, integrated view of transactional, analytics, and big data, and enabling predictive analytics.
  • And Russell Cobb VP Global Marketing and Alliances at SAS, will talk about how, the analytics industry leader is deploying rich IoT and data-driven analytics solutions running on a Cisco infrastructure to optimize business processes.

I hope you’ll join us to learn about how you can make the most out of your data to start redefining your own competitive landscape!#UnlockBigData

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Marcus Phipps


Data Center Solutions Marketing