I had the distinct pleasure to meet Stephen Sorkin, Chief Strategy Officer for Splunk and talk to him about his views on the challenges enterprises face as they adapt to the mobile, social, cloud, and big data changes happening with their customers, competitors, and industry.  The recording below is the result of our discussion.  Stephen talks about the new connected environment where the end user experience is defined by the full stack running in the data center or the cloud.  There are components like the underlying bare metal, the hypervisor, the network, the storage that all have to be tied together in order to understand what the user’s experience is really going to be like.

Splunk and ACI

Splunk Analytics Accelerates Data Center Operations with Cisco ACI

Watch this short insightful video if you want to understand how to make it easier to take raw network device data and understand what’s going on in the whole network, to be able to tie together actions in the network, and to tie that data into something meaningful to the end user of the system.

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