I’m so looking forward to the year ahead in the world of big data and analytics, because the opportunities appear to have no limits. Big Data and Analytics has been growing for quite some time. IDC expects the Big Data Technology and Services market to grow at a 26.24% compound annual growth rate through 2018 to reach $41.52 billion. This is the year that’s going to explode, delivering more benefits to more industries than ever before.

As it becomes more accessible and more common, it is no wonder that some people are starting to say that the term, “big data” may disappear. As data driven decisions become the new norm, we will need a more specific term, or several terms. For those of you who fall strongly in that camp, please feel free to search “big data and analytics” in my blog and replace it with “Clever Cute Name, CCN” until someone comes up with the new term.  Okay, back to the fact that this is going to be the new norm. If you need some examples, here are four in IT Services, Healthcare, and Communications industries.

IT Services Industry | Management Science Associates (MSA)

MSA is an IT services company that provides colocation, data integration, and analysis services. They came to MapR and Cisco to build a powerful new service for big data and analytics to help its customers increase revenues and make better business decisions. This case study is an excellent example for anyone looking to understand the importance of data driven decision in the manufacturing and distribution business.

Healthcare Industry | Union Hospital

Today’s healthcare depends on electronic information sharing. Union Hospital of Cecil County came to Cisco and Splunk to ensure fast and secure access to this information. Security Analytics on Cisco UCS with Splunk gave them the visibility into security threats, alleviating the need for the IT team to manually review gigabytes of daily log data from thousands of network devices and servers. With this in place, the focus was on delivering fast access and better customer care.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.19.06 PM
Union Hospital Case Study

Communications Industry | Cisco WebEx

In digital world, collaboration is more important than ever. Near real time analysis ensures WebEx collaboration services deliver to customers globally. WebEx provides over 26 billion minutes of conferencing per month to 51 million users among 236 companies. With Platfora and Cloudera, Cisco WebEx was able to implement a conventional BI/ data warehousing solution with 1/10 of the cost.


As you can see, big data driven decisions are becoming a norm. If you have any ideas on the replacement of “CCN,” you can find me and my CCN (Big Data) cohorts at @CiscoDC, @RexBackman, and @gserda. For those of you who are going to be at MapR Big Data Everywhere, Hortonworks Roadshow, or Cloudera Sessions, I will see you there.


Renee Yao

No longer at Cisco