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The Collaboration Quick Talk Series

The Collaboration Quick Talk Series blog series highlights ‘What’s Next in the Story’ and why we’re excited about the future of  collaboration. The Quick Talk was filmed at the Webexperience Zone at Cisco Live U.S. in San Diego. In the Webexperience Zone Theater, Cisco executives and subject matter experts presented the best of collaboration insights and strategies for today’s solutions during short talks, presentations, and panels. The first Collaboration Quick Talk offers three Webex Calling take-aways from Cisco Live US.

Top 5 Favorite Webex Dreams, Overheard at Cisco Live: (and Tips to Get There with Webex Adoption)

Working booth duty at Cisco Live is the most exhilarating week of my year. It’s the time for amazing, rapid-fire interactions with people from companies of all sizes, industries, and locations across the world. I get to hear first-hand, back-to-back, what customers’ collaboration dreams are.

People of all backgrounds and positions walk up, excited to ask their questions and see the latest features of Webex. You can see the glow in their face when it “clicks” and they realize what the technology could do for them and their business. Once I can see the “Aha!” moment on their face, I like to poke a little further, to learn more about them and their Webex adoption. I ask them:

“What’s Your Dream with Webex?”

“What could Webex impact in your business?” “How could that new feature effect your life?”

The stories, brain blasts, and dreams I heard all week long, continuously blew me away. I want to share with you my favorite Top 5 Webex Dreams overheard at Cisco Live US 2019.

  1. Rapid Response Center Energy Crisis

As a consumer, I think the time I demand the #1 fastest service is when my power goes out (how can you live without Wi-Fi?). I spoke to one IT director of an energy company who was investing in Webex devices to build out his outage response center. He told me his Webex dream was to prepare their space for the rapid collaboration needed to get their energy systems back online ASAP after an outage. He told me his Webex dream was a space fully tech equipped, with a 85” Webex Board in the center, for folks to share images of the problem and whiteboard their resolution plans on top. He wanted one large monitor on either side equipped with Webex Shares, so that the room of troubleshooters could take turns sharing their screen with images and ideas quickly, without hassle. His dream of a smarter, connected response center will help thousands of folks get their lights back on, quicker, when energy systems takes a hit.

2. Tele-Mental Health

One woman managed the technology for a hospital system in a rural area. She explained how specialized doctors were in high demand, but couldn’t live in every town across the state. Her dream was to support therapists, who were in super high demand, to serve patients outside of their county. She explained to me that eye-contact is the most crucial tool therapists have to help their patients feel listened to and understood. This is why she dreamed of using Webex for trustworthy, clear video quality. Also, she loved seeing the AI transcription abilities of Webex, because to her, it meant that her doctors could spend their full meeting using thoughtful eye-contact, instead of spending 70% of their time taking notes. This woman’s Webex Dream was amazing- she wanted to give everyone in the state access to the mental healthcare they need, no obstacle accepted.

3 .Education Beyond The Classroom

I spent some time with a teacher-turned-Instructional-technologist who dreamed of enabling classrooms to be more than just “sit and listen” environments. We brainstormed, and he especially LOVED the idea of encouraging each of his district’s teachers to invite one remote expert per subject to speak to students, to bring classroom topics to reality. He got giddy when he came up with the idea of having an architect, from their workshop, speak live over video to a geometry class (his past subject). His plans were to bring video devices like the Room Kit Series into classrooms to make it easy and nonthreatening for teachers to join. I adjusted a live talk I was gave at Cisco Live about Adopting Webex in Education to include his Webex dream, if you want to hear how we talked about making his dream reality! [go 20 minutes in at the link].

4. Executive “On the Go” Technology Packs

One Fortune 500 IT guy explained to me that he was responsible for crafting the technology suite for each of his company’s C-level executives. His goal was to ensure they appeared flawless, wherever they were. His Webex Dream was to build “Executive On the Go” tech kits for each of his executives so they could be sure they had the tools they need to be on their game. He planned to include a Webex Share in each pack, so each executive could present and share content on any screen wirelessly, wherever they went. To go the next step, I showed him that Cisco is launching new wireless headsets that he thought would be the perfect way for his execs to have great audio quality while traveling- whether for taking meetings or listening to music on the airplane.

Cisco Live was jam packed with people dreaming BIG about how they could change their life, organization, or the world using Webex. So now, I want to ask YOU….

What is YOUR Webex Dream?

Yes seriously, what’s your dream? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

If you need help getting there, and fulfilling your collaboration dream, we’re here to help. Be sure to check out the recording of my talk at Cisco Live, sharing the Top Tips for Driving Adoption of Webex. Our goal at Cisco is to ensure that we can support you in reaching your dream of driving change with Webex. We want to make sure you have the tools, resources, and adoption plan to help you get there.

To check out the resources that can help you drive adoption to reach your Webex Dream, visit  cs.co/WebexAdoption.

See My Top Tips for Driving Webex Adoption video below:

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