Webex Share Just Got Better Blog Series

The Webex Share Just Got Better blog series is a two-part series that highlights some incredible new features available with Webex Share. Customers can now increase screen productivity and enjoy secure, wireless guest sharing!

Advocate for Digital Signage and Guest Wireless Sharing

For those who missed it, Webex Share is a simple and affordable HDMI device that plugs into any HDMI enabled TV and transforms it into a Webex endpoint capable of delivering, to any small conference room or huddle space, the same pair + join + share experience that characterizes the rest of the Webex device portfolio.

Besides enabling existing TVs with proximity-based wireless sharing, both locally and in-meeting, Webex Share’s signature value is extending a consistent, delightful Webex experience to every corner of the office, eliminating the cognitive and monetary cost associated to using multiple vendors in different types of rooms.

Now let’s talk about new features…

Digital Signage: Just Turn it on!

If you are an office worker, you might have experienced the desolating feeling black TV screens evoke while you are walking in a hallway or sitting in a shared space.

If you are an IT or Facility Manager, instead, every time you glance at that black screen you see a loss of productivity: you could use it for countless purposes, if you had a viable way to distribute relevant content to it. For that reason, you have started investigating technologies able to deliver such content and quickly realized that signage-specific solutions imply an additional layer of complexity coming from a new hardware/software vendor to qualify, a new support contract, more billing, and new tools to learn and administer.

Following the same path of the Webex video devices, since December 2019, Webex Share supports signage content from our partner Appspace, the leading Digital Signage Cloud Platform. Admins can go to Control Hub and configure Webex Share to receive content from their Appspace instance. It takes a few minutes and it saves your organization from unwanted complexity, as it comes with your favorite device portfolio you already deployed.

This is an extremely significant achievement, as it makes Webex Share a compelling solution not only for huddle spaces or small conference rooms but also for all the TV screens in shared spaces that, until now, haven’t been served by the Cisco Collaboration device portfolio. Your kitchen, hallway or lounge screen will show relevant content, aligned with your Cisco rooms.

Currently, Webex Share supports static images, and the Engineering team is working on enabling 1080p video signage very soon.

Raising the Bar of Collaboration Across Every Space

Workplaces transform the support to these new, dynamic ways of collaborating and we constantly evolve our device portfoli to embrace and often anticpate these new trends.pngImagine Alice is answering emails on a couch at the office lounge area while checking the gym holiday hours on the TV screen. Bob, an Engineering contractor, joins her and shares his screen as a guest on the TV to show Alice the API architecture he has been working on. Alice takes over the share and shows Bob the new UI wireframe that will leverage his API. The two colleagues quickly realize they need Connie from Engineering to make sure the proposal does not raise security concerns. Alice initiates a virtual meeting with Connie who analyzes the shared content and gives her approval.

Similar scenarios, representing modern emerging workflows, are becoming the new norm, driven by ever-evolving collaboration technologies. Workplaces transform to support these new, dynamic ways of collaborating and we constantly evolve our device portfolio to embrace and often anticipate these new trends.

Simple Sharing on any Screen

With Digital Signage, Webex Share extends its deployments beyond the walls of huddle rooms and small conference rooms, delivering the power of the Webex Platform to every shared screen in your workplace.

TVs are no longer unproductive assets and impromptu sharing may now happen in unprecedented spaces able to escalate the collaboration experience to virtual meetings. No need to find an available room with the right equipment to support the escalation. Fulfill your collaboration needs in every space with Webex Share.

Be on the lookout and don’t miss part 2 of the Webex Share update blog!

In the meantime, learn more about Webex Share’s new features.

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