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Webex and PortalWhen the world needs to work, the world works on Webex. That’s why we’re excited to be part of Facebook’s new announcement to bring Webex on Portal to the millions of people working from home. Adding the Webex you know and love to Portal extends your ability to meet anywhere, on any device.

Webex has always easily connected you with your colleagues, customers, and partners – face to face – no matter where you are working. Portal has found a place in many lives for its ability to deepen the connection between family and friends no matter where they are located. And now, with Webex, it has a natural place in your home work environment. Designed to help you feel more engaged and immersed in daily interactions with your teams, Portal now can be your dedicated screen for Webex video calls.

Creating a Great #WFH Experience

Webex and Portal are a natural fit – offering you the key ingredients to create a great work from home experience. Webex brings high-quality video and audio, one-button to push, recording, and collaborative sharing enables a stellar video experience on any device – and now you can get the same easy, consistent experience on Portal.

Get a great #WFH - Facebook Portal and WebexWebex lets you easily schedule, join, record, and play back your meetings. Just press the green button when you want to get started. With Webex on Portal, you don’t even have to take notes. If provisioned by your IT department, automated captions, highlights, action items and notetaking mean you can focus on interacting with other meeting participants. Once your meeting is over, access your recording from the Webex app and play it back on your Portal.

Webex supports virtual backgrounds on Portal, allowing you to change or clean up your background depending on your mood. And depending on your configuration, Webex will let you live stream your Webex meetings to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other real-time messaging platforms – directly from your Portal device!

Best of all, Webex is highly secure without compromising the user experience. Security built in from the beginning, not bolted on as an after-thought.

When using Portal from Facebook, be sure to add Webex for your meetings. Together, you’ll get more done from your kitchen table, living room, or home office with the Webex experience you love.

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