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Sometimes you want to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes you just want the shortest distance between two points. That’s what Google’s “.new” domain is about.

Webex.new is the shortest distance between you and your personal meeting room. So is letsmeet.new. And mymeet.new. Just type it into your browser of choice to start your meeting.

Check out Webex.new: the New Shortcut to Great Video Conferencing

We recently announced the fastest join experience for Webex Meetings, but “webex.new” will get you there without even leaving the browser. Make sure you’re signed into your Webex Meetings desktop app first. If you don’t have the app, webex.new, letsmeet.new or mymeet.new will take you to the Webex Meetings download page.

In the spirit of shortcuts, I’m going to keep this post brief so you can go try out webex.new. Hopefully, it’s the easiest part of your day. Then tell us what you think in the comments below.

Please note that webex.new is officially supported on Webex Meetings software version 39.9, which is due to release in mid-November. Until then, please download the latest software when prompted. Webex.new is not supported on lock-down versions of Webex Meetings (39.5 or earlier).

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