Reimagine the Future of Work series announcing the availability of solutions that are purpose-built to help companies transform how they work while keeping employees safe, connected and productive.

Collaboration Tools That Empower Work From Anywhere, on any Device, Anytime

The future work experience is likely to vary more than at any other time in history. I know people personally who are missing their daily commute and anxious to get back into the office, as well as others who feel much more comfortable and productive working from home. And many fall somewhere in between, with a mix of in-office routine and at-home flexibility as their desired work experience.

One size no longer fits all when it comes to where and how people work. Ensuring that you and your employees continue to work effectively anywhere, anytime requires tools and technology that adapt to your desired work experience … not the other way around.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest Webex solutions we’re delivering to help you work the way you want to.

More Intelligent, Engaging and Efficient Meeting Experiences

Video fatigue is a real problem for many of us right now. I know that when I spend too many hours in too many virtual meetings, it can leave me feeling tired and unfocused.

With Webex custom layouts, we’re putting the power in your hands to create a more engaging meeting experience. For meeting organizers, easy drag-and-drop functionality allows you to pick the best layout for your meeting content and highlight the most important panelists, and then broadcast that to everyone. Meeting participants also have more control of their experience, with the ability to move content around so they can see what they need to during any meeting.

Sometimes the real work doesn’t begin until after the meeting ends. You may have already experienced the intelligent capabilities of the voice-activated, AI-powered Webex Assistant. This powerful tool efficiently captures meeting transcripts, highlights and action items during a meeting, and then notifies meeting hosts when these assets are available to review and share with their team. Now, we’re taking it one step further.

With the Webex post-meeting summary feature, meeting assets are now automatically populated in a Webex space, eliminating the need to share via email and streamlining the process for how you access, view and share meeting materials. We’re rolling out this post-meeting summary functionality with meeting recordings and transcripts first: Meeting recordings can now be viewed directly within the Webex app, with no password required.

Instantly Turn Your Call Into a Webex Meeting

How many times have you been on a call with a colleague, only to realize the discussion requires input from additional sources, or that you could really benefit from “face to face” interaction?

Webex users enjoy being able to seamlessly transition a 1:1 phone call to a meeting, and we’re taking that experience one step further with enhanced Webex capabilities. Now you can escalate a call to a truly collaborative Webex meeting experience, complete with things like real-time translations and transcription, gesture recognition, Webex insights, and intelligent support from Webex Assistant. Fewer clicks enable you to maintain a fluid and dynamic connection with colleagues, without breaking your flow or losing any momentum in your discussion. And when you need to expand the conversation and bring in additional participants, it takes just one click.

Call-to-meeting functionality is just one way we’re reimagining the calling experience at Webex – but don’t take my word for it. We asked some Webex Calling customers to share their insights about how our calling solutions are enabling them to move from hearing to seeing and doing.

Webex Devices: Enabling Seamless Collaboration and a Safe Return to Office

The work experience has been democratized over the past year, as we all worked remotely. Everyone was a tile on a 5×5 video grid. As we look to a hybrid future of work, how can we ensure that employees working from home and those returning to the office continue to have an equal experience? How do we make sure that remote employees feel seen, heard and included, and that those returning to the office feel safe and comfortable?

Webex collaboration devices enable you to do your best work no matter where you are. Webex Desk devices are rich with features that allow you to always look and sound your best, and empower you to work efficiently and productively with less visual and physical fatigue. And to support a safe return to office, our devices offer critical capabilities like environmental sensors, capacity alerts, digital signage and touchless calls and meeting joins. The result is a more comfortable and intelligent work experience, whether you’re on your personal desktop or at a shared workspace back in the office.

You Asked for it! Webex App for Linux

Based on popular demand from our user community, we’re pleased to announce Webex support on Linux. Core Webex capabilities are supported on Linux, helping users to seamlessly collaborate, quickly connect with co-workers, read and post messages, join meetings, and more. Webex app for Linux is just one more way we’re delivering options and solutions to fit your workstyle.

Webex Integrations Support Your Work, Your Way

We’re committed to enabling seamless collaboration for you and your employees … and not just when you’re working with Webex tools and solutions. The reality is, we all use multiple applications and workflows to work productively every day.

Webex integrates seamlessly with other applications – Google Workspace, SharePoint/OneDrive and Box, just to name a few – empowering you to work more efficiently with the apps you already know and love.

One of the more recent Webex integrations that’s particularly relevant for our new work environment is AppSpace. As some employees return to the office, AppSpace can be managed directly through Webex Control Hub and used to set digital signage for the workplace – think safety reminders, schedule updates, and more. AppSpace also integrates with some Webex video devices, such as the Webex Desk Pro, allowing you to display messages on these devices and connect with employees no matter where they work.

We continue to add new industry-leading apps and partner integrations all the time, and have some exciting new additions coming soon. Stay tuned! Click here to learn more about the latest partner integrations.

Tune in and Turn it up at Cisco Live

When it comes to Webex solutions that enable you to work your way, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to attend Cisco Live, an immersive 2-day digital event, to hear more about Cisco innovations and solutions that create better experiences for your employees and customers, and to see firsthand how we’re powering an inclusive future for all.

On day two of Cisco Live, you won’t want to miss the ‘Powering an Inclusive Future for All’ keynote and ‘Accelerating the Future of Work’ innovation talk for even more Webex innovation designed to help you navigate hybrid work, a safe return to the office, and more powerful customer experiences.

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