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Companies around the world are in the midst of returning to the office or planning that return. We know the office we return to will not be the same as the one we left. The workforce is becoming increasingly distributed, where employees are working either in the office, at home or everywhere in between – making the need for collaboration in every meeting space more relevant than ever.

It’s important for Facilities, HR and Management to know how workspaces are being utilized, and as we come back into the office the floor plans we have today might need to adapt to new ways of working.

At Cisco Live last year we announced the introduction of Workspaces in Control Hub, revolutionizing the way IT, facilities, and HR work together, making the transition back to the office as seamless and safe as possible. In addition to our abilities to display alerts in the room around social distancing and maximum capacity limits, we are happy to announce Historical Analytics for all workspaces with a supported Cisco Webex Device.

Watch the video to learn more about Historical Data available for Workspaces in Control Hub:


Historical data and insights

Every Webex Room, Board or Desk series device supports People Count, Room Presence and Noise Detection. However, if you attach a Webex Room Navigator to a Webex Board or a Webex Room Device you gain additional data on ambient temperature and relative humidity.

Supported Devices

The Webex Platform is able to transform this data into actionable insights and trends. All of this information is available right at the fingertips of all relevant functions! Combine this data with our room type tagging and break down how Huddle Rooms compare to Meeting Rooms or even Desk Spaces!


You might be thinking that calendar integrations are able to solve the above problems, however the majority of calendar integrations only show you the intent of meeting room usage, but not a factual record of how they are actually being used. With Control Hub and the Webex Platform you can now see actual usage in a 24-hour, 7-day or 30-day period.

Calendar integration with Control Hube and the Webex Platform


When it comes to the noise, temperature and humidity in a room, thresholds are important. In Control Hub you can see the minimum and maximum values these sensors record within a selected time period, but also if the values are within an acceptable range. Today these thresholds are set by us based on research of global building standards.

Noise can heavily affect the quality of collaboration calls from the workspace. There is nothing worse than muffled audio and disturbing sounds distracting you from your meeting. Finding out the cause of bad audio is easy in Control Hub – sometimes the microphones could be picking up noises like air conditioning units or potentially the microphones are installed in the wrong location for the users of the room. Now you can stop speculating and do something about it!

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