I’m so excited! Our ‘Best Collaborations happen on Webex’ campaign is a Gold Award Winner in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2021 competition!

Graphis is an international bastion of excellence in design and visual imagery, and an industry authority on design excellence. They compile an annual publication of the best design submissions each year and as a Gold Award Winner, our work will receive a full-page presentation.

The award was for a brand-to-demand campaign we ran in 2019 across multiple global markets… and we had a lot of fun with this one! We brought together pairings as iconic as rainbows and unicorns, coffee and donuts, and in London, an English breakfast. You can see all of the pairings here:

We’ve already been honored with numerous Red Dot awards for our devices, and now winning this award is further proof that Cisco Webex is a modern, experience-based, design-first company.

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