Universal Combinations Guaranteed to Make Your Day Great

What is the best part of your morning? We used to hear commercials like Folgers coffee say, “It’s Folgers in your cup”.  I think they were on to something big because millions of people around the world have a love affair with coffee and start their day off with coffee and their favorite pairing, from doughnuts, warm baked breads, muffins, scones, croissants and more, people love a great combo. I myself love an extra hot chai tea latte, and a vanilla Tahini bar.

It's like coffee x donuts -- The best collaborations happen on Webex

Essential Workplace Combinations to Help You Thrive

At Cisco Webex we believe our collaboration technology paired with your device of choice, brings you many essential combinations to thrive in your professional daily lives. Here are my favorite Webex combinations, that enable me to have a productive workday, every day:

#1 Productive Start

Awesome Power of CombinationsAs I start my morning, it is important for me to review my plan for the day and that starts with me checking my Webex Teams application on my mobile device for messages from my team, look to see if I’ve missed any urgent calls and to review meetings upcoming for the day and respond as appropriate. As a corporate executive and global leader, the combination I use most often and essential to my daily routine is with my mobile device and Webex Teams application. I have meetings at varied times of the day, including my commute to and from work, and need to collaborate and connect with my team, anytime anywhere. I love that Webex enhances my daily work routine, simply, and with the velocity I need on the go.

#2 Intuitive Experiences

My second favorite combination might surprise you, it’s not the obvious like chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, which admittedly I do love too, but it’s the intuitive experiences, ease of use and the power of the outcomes my team and I achieve during the day, enabled by AI in Webex Meetings and our Devices. Here are a few magical examples that happen effortlessly when we join AI to our Webex Meetings and Devices.

Champagne and Strawberries. The best collaborations happen on Webex


#3 Join Meetings Seamlessly

Webex Teams Board deviceWhen I arrive into the office daily, I’m usually finishing up a call from my mobile office; I walk into my physical office and my Webex Teams Board device, comes alive and has “Hello Aruna” pop up on screen. The invisible proximity pairing technology from my mobile device to my Webex Teams enabled devices, allow my profile to connect, so I can use, my device of choice for the next meeting, whether it’s a one-to-one, with my team or one-to-many, I love the convenience and simplicity of Webex connecting me to others and just working.

#4 Knowing What Matters Most is Now Enabled by AI

Webex Teams board

Being an executive my meetings are typically back to back and depending on the nature of the call or who I’m meeting with, I love the prompt by my Webex Assistant on my Webex Teams board that says “Hello Aruna, you have a call in five minutes, would you like to join?”, I simply answer “Yes.” and boom I’m in the meeting.

Even more surreal in the meeting is Facial Recognition, I can now see the name tags underneath the faces of the people I’m meeting with. How many times do we join a meeting and think, “Hmm who is that person in the blue shirt?”. Now with virtual tags, I know who is in the meeting and can address them by name when we converse.

Recognition making it easy to know who is in the meeting

#5 People Insights, the X-Factor in Webex Meetings

People Insights add X-Factor to MeetingsAnother AI feature within Webex Teams I love is People Insights which adds an X-Factor to my meetings. Now before, during, or after a meeting, I can go one step further and hover over a name of a person and view a detailed profile with public information, such as their name, title, education, company and more will pop up, to help me connect on a more human and personalized level.


#6 AI Improving the Meetings Experience Through Voice Transcription

Webex AI now has voice transcription!My final favorite AI combination is with Webex Meetings and Voice Transcription. During my meetings, my team and I rarely have time to take fast and furious notes to capture all that is going on, take action items and jot down key insights, but meetings just got better because Webex AI now has voice transcription! As a video meeting is taking place, we have a virtual assistant not only transcribing in real time, but can also transcribe in other languages, can take action items and can share out the meeting notes promptly after the call. I hope you are just as excited as we are for this added innovation.

The Awesome Power of Combinations

The way Webex + my mobile device, + offices devices, or + my life, just works, is an incredibly and invaluable collaboration tool, that helps me optimize my day in a magical way, like Rainbows and Unicorns.

Rainbows & Unicorns: the awesome power of combinations

When you think of the power of technology combined with the daily rhythm of our lives, we experience so much value no matter where we are in the world. To our British friends the magical relation might be Rugby and a Pint…

Rugby and Guinness -- the best collaborations happen on Webex

…or Tea and Scones.

Tea and Crumpets -- the best collaborations happen on Webex

To our Aussie friends the magical relation may be Meat Pie and Sauce…

meat pie and sauce the best collaborations happen on Webex
…or Board Shorts and Thongs.
Board Shorts and flip flops -- the best collaborations happen on Webex

More than Design Thinking

These combinations bring a smile to our face, put a joy in our heart, and bring us so much happiness… There is an awesome and unexplainable thing that takes place when two or more people gather with their talents to create and ideate, where thoughts flow and dreams are realized; that’s the power of collaboration and we believe the best collaborations happen on Webex.

Our Brand Campaign The best collaborations happen on Webex

We are very excited to bring to market our new brand campaign, which will be launched in three geographies: US, UK and Australia. Just like coffee and doughnuts makes our mornings and how champagne and strawberries make our twilight hour… Webex, enables the best collaborations to happen when people come together, anywhere, anytime, on any device around the world.



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Prizes: Every month we’ll pick a winning combination and the winner will receive a brand-new headset and the ultimate winning combo will be featured in our digital campaign.Brand to Campaign & ContestCheers and Good Luck!

Aruna Ravichandran
Cisco’s VP Marketing/CMO, Webex/Collaboration
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