And it looks like the Foundation has used that input to assemble a Summit schedule jam-packed with relevant and interesting presentations about OpenStack. There will be a lot of NFV material this time around, a lot of SDN, and yes–we’ll all still be talking about containers.

If you’d like to hear from Cisco speakers at the event, you’ve got a number of compelling options across a variety of subjects, including:

Containers (of course)

Multi-tenancy for Docker containers with keystone and adding quota limits

Kubernetes Automation on OpenStack Using Ansible

Birds of a Feather

Business Cloud Advisor – Enterprise for Cloud Adoption


Gluon: An Enabler for NFV

Optimizing NFV Service Chains on OpenStack Using Docker

Networking (of course)

OpenStack and OpenDaylight: The Current Status and Future Direction

Understanding ML2 Port Binding


High-Performance OpenStack for Science and Data Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Cloud App Development

Enforcing Application SLAs with Congress and Monasca

Community Building 

Fostering Full Equality: Sponsored by Women of OpenStack

Build It and They Will Come (Easier Said Than Done!)

Tips from Community Managers: Effective Strategies for Building a Vibrant User and Developer Community

Hands-on Workshop 

Developing, Deploying, and Consuming L4-7 Network Services in an OpenStack Cloud

But hey—we know you’re not going to the OpenStack Summit to hear from Cisco. We’re not either, frankly. We’re going there to eat tacos and barbecue and listen to live music (Google “Austin”).

Did I say that? That’s not what I meant. I meant that we’re really going there to connect with the brilliant people working on the project (while eating tacos), to hear about how customers are using it (over tacos), to learn about its latest capabilities (more tacos), to pick up best practices for different use cases (with a pulled pork sandwich in hand), and to get a look at the roadmap for the next six months (an endeavor best undertaken in the presence of a live band). We plan to learn from our own colleagues as well as from our competitors. And we hope to contribute in equal measure.

So thanks for taking a moment to note where we’ll be and what we’ll be talking about. We look forward to seeing you (at the taco truck)!


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager