The Industrial Revolution was a time when the world was transitioning to new manufacturing processes from the 1700’s to approximately 1820.   This transition moved manufacturing from hand to machine production and literally changed just about every aspect of daily life.    This was followed by a second revolution that scaled machine production into large-scale production with the creation of steam (and later coal) powered factories.

We are in the midst of another industrial revolution and companies of all types and sizes are being affected. This revolution is revolving around digital technology, which has changed our expectations for service delivery as well as how we want to do business. This revolution is all about automation, scalability and speed and delivering complex services without human intervention — within minutes.

This new industrial revolution goes by two different names:   digital disruption or digital transformation.  This revolution is all about the interconnected nature of digital technology and tech-savvy consumers who no longer want to wait weeks for resources, applications or services.

Read this Unleashing IT article to learn more.       digitalshutterstock_197353490-2-660x400

Smarter and smarter devices as well as an explosion of business services have only increased complexity for IT professionals.   It is no longer viable to stand up resources or services through manual processes — which take on average 196 tickets to complete.   It’s time for your business to automate.

If you have not done so already, now is the perfect time to promote automation.   Budgets are tight, technology components are increasautomationing and qualified workers have become scarce.

Replacing manual services with standardized service delivery results in significant cost reductions, enables IT to meet their service level agreements (thereby gaining back the trust of their customers) as well as deliver services at amazingly faster speeds. Automation also allows organizations to reallocate budget spent from maintenance and support to funding new strategic initiatives.   Lastly, at a time when the Fed is paying 1% interest, doesn’t 10% growth in revenue sound great?

Cisco delivers a diverse range of automation solutions for you to get started such as hybrid-ready private cloud and hosted private cloud  based on an open source platform.

Don’t let your business become a unicorn, get started today and experience the benefits of the new industrial revolution.



Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco