Take A Stand on Private Cloud

The cloud has become inescapable. Email about it clutters your IN box, headlines about it adorn your magazines, colleagues chatter about its merits in the hallways, and meeting after meeting is held to determine just what—if anything—should be done about it at your company. Should you be using public cloud? Building a private one? Going hybrid? What workloads are best for the cloud? And how is the company really going to benefit from using it anyway?

If you’re tired of wrestling with these issues and ready to take a stand, I encourage you (or someone who will take good notes for you), to attend our upcoming webinar about Cisco Metapod.

A core component of Cisco’s cloud portfolio, Metapod is a fully-managed, on-premises, OpenStack-based private cloud. It delivers the ease-of-use that has made public cloud so popular, in addition to security, performance, and cost-savings advantages that public cloud can’t begin to touch. Our world-class team of OpenStack experts builds, monitors, operates, and upgrades the cloud for you—so you don’t have to worry about hiring a team, training them, and wondering whether or not the cloud they build will meet your availability requirements. You simply use Cisco Metapod—just like you’d use public cloud—and reap the very real benefits associated with it. Best of all—we can have a production ready cloud up and running for you in about two weeks.

Ready to learn more? Sign up to attend the webinar on Tuesday, October 20th at 9AM Pacific. No salespeople, no pressure—just a chance to sit back in the comfort of your own office, listen to the value proposition (as well as an explanation of how it all works) and figure out whether or not Metapod is the right private cloud for you.

Register here to reserve your spot!


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager