Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO) is a multi-cloud Application Resource Management (ARM) solution with the ability to show complex interdependencies across all layers of your infrastructure and makes recommendations and/or takes actions to ensure your workloads are running as efficiently as possible.

In my previous blog, I discussed how Intersight Workload Optimizer is the starship that travels boldly through your vast infrastructure, leaving no data unexamined.  

In this second blog in the series, I discuss how Intersight Workload Optimizer continues to improve the course of workflow management with a new feature that allows for integration with change management solutions like ServiceNow. 

Today, Intersight Workload Optimizer is available through Cisco and partners and will be available soon through the AWS Marketplace.

Engage Warp Speed for Workload Operations 

In today’s multi-cloud world, applications power enterprises. Managing the complexities of the scale and velocity of distributed apps as well as the resources that support on-premises and public cloud infrastructures has become very complex and has moved beyond human capabilities.  

Multiple and cross-functional teams are often challenged with managing/maintaining applications that require coordination between teams and tracking of changes for reliable, scalable, and repeatable operations.  

Intersight capabilities, along with a new integration into ServiceNow, allow you to use the tools of your choice for clear visibility into any change recommendations to ensure your applications are always functioning at optimal levels. This flexibility allows you to optimize your IT infrastructure while using Intersight Workload Optimizer at DevOps speed. 

The IWO integration with ServiceNow provides pre-defined approval policies as well as automates request communications and approvals from relevant teams, allowing more flexibility and agility to respond quickly. 

Utilize External Entities to Increase Agility 

Cisco understands that IT teams often struggle with maintaining enough resources across different infrastructure platforms to manage workloads and applications. IWO, as you may know, helps with managing the optimal resource allocation for your applications. But how do you ensure you are getting full utilization of your enterprise’s infrastructure while keeping key stakeholders informed?   

IWO with integration to ServiceNow, increases the speed of change management processes to allow teams to collaborate more effectively and continually improve the automation of application resource management. 

Better Automation through Team Collaboration 

By utilizing ServiceNow with Intersight Workload Optimizer your teams can automatically approve and track changes based on Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer actions. 

You can configure policies that log Intersight Workload Optimizer actions in your ServiceNow instance to quickly review trusted decisions in ServiceNow and approve actions that help prevent application performance issues before they occur. 

The combination of transparency and speed for multi-cloud workload management goes together like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. In this way, the integration of ServiceNow with Intersight Workload Optimizer creates a symbiotic relationship with full-stack optimization and automation. 

Go Beyond the Clouds with Cisco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Now customers are looking at different avenues to procure the products and solutions that allow for more flexibility to fit your business requirements. So far customers have been able to purchase Intersight through Cisco and partners. We recognize that you are going to public cloud marketplaces like AWS to find innovative products.  

We would like to share that Intersight Workload Optimizer will soon be available through AWS Marketplace. This will allow Cisco to meet customers where they are.  

Cisco is also excited to have the opportunity to present an Intersight Workload Optimizer demo at the upcoming AWS re:Invent 2021. Together, Cisco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable innovation and empower digital transformation solutions to drive your enterprise forward into the future. Please stop by our Cisco booth to meet myself, and other experts. 


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Vishwanath Jakka

Product Manager, Compute and Cloud

Compute and Cloud Group