You know the drill. It’s one of the great things about the OpenStack Summit. Unlike most other conferences, where organizers single-handedly set the agenda based on what they think you want to hear, the OpenStack Summit agenda is based on what you actually want to hear.

Curious about containers? Intrigued by NFV? Wondering what’s next on the Neutron roadOpenStack Austinmap? Tell them with your votes. Go to the OpenStack Foundation page and choose the sessions that are most interesting to you.It’s easy, it’s fun, and there is no limit to how many sessions you can vote for.*

But here’s the catch: The Foundation received more than 1,200 talk submissions this time. 1,200!!!

Do you have time to read through them all?

Of course not.

You’ll vote for your friends, for yourself if you submitted anything, and then you may browse a few other talks, but that’s it. It’s just too much to wade through. Bottom line: You’ll vote for the sessions you’ve heard about that coincide with your interests.

So before you visit the website and voting fatigue starts setting in, I want to be sure you’ve heard about the talks submitted by the OpenStack experts here at Cisco.

There are 50 of them, and they’re all listed below, along with links to the corresponding Foundation voting pages so you can easily access abstracts and cast votes.

Thanks for taking a look. See you at the Summit!

Architectural Decisions

Lights, Camera, Action! OpenStack Goes to Hollywood

Cloud QoS – From Neutron to Nova, a More Holistic Approach to QoS in OpenStack

Case Studies – Enterprise

Self-serve and BSS Systems for OpenStack Clouds

Cloud App Development 

Enforcing Application SLAs with Congress and Monasca

IaaS + PaaS = A Powerful Necessity

Community Building

Build It and They Will Come (Easier Said Than Done!)

Diversity and Subtle Bias: Reaching Across the Aisles

Fostering Full Equality: Sponsored by Women of OpenStack

Tips from Community Managers: Effective Strategies for Building a Vibrant User and Developer Community


Double Click on Containers, Container Networking, and Container Security

Self Heal Your OpenStack Control Plane!

Multi-tenancy for Docker containers with keystone and adding quota limits

Kubernetes Automation on OpenStack Using Ansible

Enterprise IT Strategies 

Do You Need Several Cloud Vendors to Reach a Business Outcome? So Form an Alliance!

Infrastructure as Code 101 – Selling Your OpenStack Cloud in the Enterprise

Saving On-Prem Cloud

Project Overcast – “Less Cloudy” Enterprise Features for Your OpenStack Environment

Surveying the Cloud: Ben Kepes Discusses Industry Trends, Niki Acosta Weighs in on OpenStack, and Wes Jossey Explains AWS

Hands-on Workshops

Developing, Deploying, and Consuming L4-7 Network Services in an OpenStack Cloud

Walkthrough: Using Ansible, Packer and Vagrant for Quick and Highly Reproducible Dev Environments


High-Performance OpenStack for Science and Data Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud Environment


Logging and Alarms with Containerized ELK


Deploying IPv6 in OpenStack Environments

Containers Beyond OpenStack: Bringing Container Networking into Reality

Scaling Neutron in Heterogeneous Environments

Understanding ML2 Port Binding

Policy-based Lifecycle Management of Network Services in an OpenStack Cloud

Kubernetes Networking in OpenStack

Multicast and Missing Packets – Building, Debugging, and Fixing a Multicast-enabled Cloud

Fast, Multi-hypervisor Networking in OpenStack


Now That Didn’t Hurt a Bit – Best Practices for Test-Driven Ansible and OpenStack Depolyment

OpenStack CI/CD for Cisco Video Streaming Solution for Service Providers (MOS >V2PC Evolution)

Cisco IT: Our Journey to Juno and Beyond

Massive Data Plane Scale at Your Fingertips with KloudBuster

Is Your Cloud “Noctilucent?”

Put DevOps Principles in Practice for OpenStack

Autoscaling Bare Metal with Ironic, Nova, Heat and Ceilometer

Debugging Container-based Virtual Networks Using Operational Data

Deep Dive into OpenStack HA Configurations

Ansible – Beyond Playbooks and OpenStack Deployment

A Scale Out and Turbocharged Policy as a Service for Handling High Volume Streams of Events

Products and Services 

Complete Lifecycle Management with Redhat Satellite

Project Updates

Why You Should Use Angular Horizon Plugins for Your OpenStack Project


Tools for Automated Security Testing

Cloud Security for the OpenStack Beginner


Gluon: An Enabler for NFV

Can NFV truly scale with OpenStack? Lets find out.

Optimizing NFV Service Chains on OpenStack Using Docker

*While I applaud the industrious, go-get-it attitude that might lead you to try to vote for a single session multiple times, don’t bother. The Foundation watches very closely for ballot-box stuffing, and will disqualify any votes that look like they were suspiciously cast.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager