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Today at AWS re:Invent, we’re excited to announce new innovations from the Cisco Network Assurance and Cisco Full-Stack Observability teams that empower our customers with end-to-end visibility into digital experience delivery and business outcomes for applications leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). The announcements include:

  • A new integration between ThousandEyes and Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor (CWIM)
    By leveraging insights from CWIM within the ThousandEyes platform, customers will gain custom recommendations on optimal placement of AWS instances and monitoring coverage based on user traffic profiles. ThousandEyes’ end-to-end cloud and Internet visibility combined with AWS’s Internet health and performance insights will allow a complete view of an application’s entire service delivery path, across private environments, the public Internet and into AWS’s network.
  • AWS service expansion and new business metrics with APM correlation in Cisco Cloud Observability
    This provides enhanced business context for AWS-hosted applications. New business metrics for a business transaction enrich and expand the business transaction monitoring capabilities of Cisco Cloud Observability to enable our customers to connect digital experiences to business outcomes and make faster decisions and prioritizations for applications running on AWS. We are also expanding the number of AWS services supported in Cisco Cloud Observability for deeper infrastructure monitoring.

Applications are the front door to every modern organization, and when application experience suffers, so does brand reputation and, ultimately, revenue. The first step for businesses to ensure flawless digital experiences is simplifying their complex cloud native environments and applications. Then, the challenge becomes the ability to tie performance to business objectives.

Delivering flawless digital experiences

With today’s news, we are further delivering on our promise to provide comprehensive visibility and enhanced business context into every domain that impacts digital experience. Whether it’s deep within the application itself or anywhere along the digital supply chain that delivers that application experience to users across home, enterprise, Internet, or cloud environments. Cisco customers are now equipped with the visibility, insights, and actionability they need to deliver exceptional digital experiences, keeping their customers happy and employees productive.

Our customers leverage the power of AWS in different ways. Many host an application they own or elements of it on AWS or use third-party applications that sit beyond their ownership but have AWS services built in. With the advancements we’re making with AWS and within our product portfolios, we’re able to bolster visibility and business-metric insights in each of these use cases. With modern application monitoring (delivered via Cisco Cloud Observability) and end-to-end network assurance (delivered via Cisco ThousandEyes), Cisco offers comprehensive visibility and insights into all aspects of digital experience.

  • Modern Application Monitoring (Cisco Cloud Observability) delivers deep visibility of cloud native architectures with business context to help technology teams align application performance with end-user expectations and deliver business outcomes.
  • End-to-End Network Assurance (Cisco ThousandEyes) is grounded in understanding and assuring the delivery of any application (whether you own it or not) over any network (whether you own it or not), ensuring customers have a true end-to-end view of the entire service delivery chain of every single application their business relies on.

We know that many of our customers rely on both AWS services and hybrid architectures to securely deliver business-critical services and optimal application experiences to their employees and end-users. From users, the expectation is that these experiences can be consumed flawlessly. Business owners expect these services to be exceptionally competitive and deliver Business KPI results.

Cisco’s combined approach provides a powerful way for customers to correlate business issues from end-user experience to application transactions and their dependencies, including the complete network path and Internet routing.

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Joe Vaccaro

Vice President and General Manager

Cisco ThousandEyes

Ananda Rajagopal

VP Product, Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability

SI&A – AppDyanmics/FSO