In a recent Forrester survey 94% of respondents acknowledged wasting money in the cloud, and one in four organizations surpassed their projected cloud spend. So how do you join the select club of the cloud spend optimization mavericks?

First, you must make the most of your cloud spend by right-sizing your infrastructure so you only provision what you need. Second, you need to ensure that you don’t go overboard and that your applications get the resources they need when and where they need them. Lastly, you need to make sure you are in compliance with your organization’s policies.

Managing resources across multiple public cloud providers to support distributed applications, ensuring application experience, as well as making decisions on cost and placement is not easy and IT teams are struggling. In today’s multicloud world, managing all this complexity is beyond human capabilities. The remedy is to leverage an application resource management (ARM) tool such as Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO) to balance cost, performance, and compliance.

IWO continuously monitors data gathered from end points, applications, policies, etc., to make the best-informed decisions on workload placement and infrastructure sizing. Intersight Workload Optimizer’s real-time decision engine drives continuous health of your applications across on-premises, public cloud, and edge for virtualized and containerized environments.

New GCP support in Intersight Workload Optimizer

Today we are announcing support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in Intersight Workload Optimizer. With the addition of GCP as a target, IWO now provides application resource management for the world’s three largest public cloud platforms.

IT teams have insights into GCP the same way they already have into AWS and Azure. Once GCP is registered as a target, IWO will collect data points from GCP projects, VM resources, and billing data. IWO will then provide recommendations and actions such as Scale VM and Reconfigure VM.

Intersight Workload Optimizer can provide visibility and insights for both the virtualization and container layers of the stack. With GCP info IWO can stich GKE clusters to GCP resources for holistic visibility and actions.

Screenshot of IWO dashboard
See all your recommended public cloud actions in one dashboard

New app servers support

IWO also now supports additional applications and app servers to allow customers to operate deeper into their infrastructure stack when they don’t have an application performance management (APM) tool. These new supported targets include:

  • JVM
  • Tomcat
  • WebSphere
Target selection in IWO
Application server target selection

The core function of optimization is to ensure applications have the necessary resources they need to operate. Therefore, it makes sense to gather information on the state of the world from the application’s perspective and use that data in conjunction with data from the supporting infrastructure to truly optimize “end-to-end.” That’s where the new application server target integrations for IWO (JVM, Tomcat and WebSphere) come into focus. These integrations enable IWO to collect telemetry data directly from these common application components and provide more informed optimization recommendations and decisions.

Visit the IWO Target Configuration Guide for a complete list of details regarding the telemetry data that is monitored as well as related actions that may be recommended for each new application server target type.

Looking ahead

Don’t wait! Optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure while keeping your apps humming with IWO. You will join the cloud spend mavericks sooner than you think.

Try Intersight Workload Optimizer for 45 days and get a 40% discount on 100 workloads or more.


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Francoise Rees

Marketing Manager

Customer Solution Marketing, Cisco Intersight