Mark SchreiberGuest Blogger: Mark Schreiber, General Manager at Cloudwick

At Cloudwick we’re constantly evaluating cloud platforms to improve the efficiency of our data and analytics service. Today, we manage more than $100 million of public cloud big data and advanced analytics for the Global 1000. For several years, we’ve been evaluating OpenStack® solutions for Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark performance testing.

Our conclusion: Cisco OpenStack® Private Cloud is the industry’s best-in-class private cloud platform for Big Data and Advanced Analytic workloads. It provides us with all of the advantages that come from the public cloud but at a lower cost of service with better security options and locality of data.

As a result we’re choosing Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud for Cloudwick’s Enterprise Big-Data-as-a-Service. Why?

  1. Data LocalityCloudwick selects Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud

Cloudwick manages Petabytes of Enterprise Big Data and the majority of data we manage resides on-premise. Not having to move enterprise data from on-premise to the cloud to gain platform agility provides enormous savings to our clients.

  1. Time-to-Service

Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud makes it possible for enterprise IT to provision Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic, Kafka & Spark clusters in minutes, as opposed to days, providing competitive advantage for enterprise time-to-decision and answer.

  1. Security

Cloudwick works with leading Global 1000 enterprises in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail, where consumer data security is a top priority. The security architecture and solution that Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud platform provides allows our enterprise clients to meet their regulatory and compliance requirements with all of the same advantages delivered by public cloud providers, but on-premises and behind their own security.

Partnering for Success

Cloudwick is excited to be working closely with Cisco, Hortonworks, Cloudera and DataStax to accelerate the adoption of Big Data and Advanced Analytics running on Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark. Additionally, we’re partnering with Cisco’s leading channel partners to architect and engineer Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud for Big Data and Advanced Analytics workloads.

For more information about Cloudwick’s Big Data-as-a-Service Reseller Partner program for Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud, please read the News Release, download the Data Sheet or contact mark@cloudwick.com.