Do you ever wonder how other companies are dealing with cloud implementation?

Are they struggling with the same things you are, or have they figured it out? Do they all use AWS, or are more moving to Google? And what about Azure? What’s the play there? When does that make sense?

Are other companies using all three of the major public cloud services at once? If so, Why? Are they allowing developers to use whatever services they want, or is IT Ops managing cloud in a central way? And what about on-prem? Are companies bringing workloads back onsite like some of the articles you’ve read claim they are? Is everyone cutting costs and effortlessly moving data and applications between clouds from a fancy and yet user-friendly single-pane-of-glass user interface while you bang your head against a wall?!

Don’t worry—they’re not doing that last thing. Or at least very few of them are. So says this week’s guest anyway. His name is Roger Dickinson, and as a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect, he has a front-row seat to the current cloud situation. He’s in the field pretty much every day listening to customers as they talk about where they are in the cloud journey and where they want to go. He then helps them get there. So he’s got a ton of insight into what the real world of cloud looks like, and he sat down with us this week to share it on Cloud Unfiltered. Specifically, he touched on:

  • Why Captain Cloud is a balding middle-aged man (Oh yes—did I mention that he’s also the artist behind Captain Cloud?!)
  • Why sometimes public cloud lock-in is just fine
  • Why you’d want to use more than one cloud service (and how companies are managing that)
  • When on-premises clouds make sense
  • How companies are consuming cloud in different parts of the world

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager