You already know that Cisco CloudCenter is CliQr, right?


OK, maybe not. If you follow technology news, you probably heard a lot about CliQr a few years ago. It was a hot cloud management startup. You also probably heard that Cisco acquired it back in April of 2016. But you probably didn’t hear much after that. (Or maybe you did and you just didn’t know it because we renamed it CloudCenter, and let’s face it—that could mean almost anything.)

Maybe you wondered what happened to CliQr. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, in this episode we’re going to find out what has happened with CliQr (now CloudCenter) since the acquisition. Specifically, guests Kurt Milne and Zach Kielich explain what exactly CloudCenter does, why people love it so much (I swear, it’s the thing I’m asked about most whenever I’m at a trade show and mention that I’m with the Cisco cloud team), and what the roadmap for the product looks like for the future. In addition to that, they get into:

  • The upside of the application-first approach to deploying and managing clouds
  • Who the typical CloudCenter users are and why they use it
  • Why they’ve prioritized Azurestack
  • How CloudCenter and AppDynamics complement each other
  • Why the Cisco/Google announcement is exciting
  • What they’re doing at the upcoming Amazon re:Invent

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager