If you’re wondering what Cisco’s Multicloud Portfolio is and what it has to do with our recent Google announcement, you’re not alone.

At least I suspect you’re not.

I mean, as transparent as we try to be with our many announcements about new products and solutions, sometimes we’re just…not. And other times we are, but on that particular day you may not have had time to read past the headline or the first paragraph or wherever you were when you decided “Yeah, reading about this new tech initiative is fun, but I think I’ll watch that video of the kitten and the owl playing together again. It’s so uplifting.”

So I thought it might be helpful to take another shot at explaining the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio. This time with the help of Lax Sakalkale, Cisco’s Director of Product management for Multicloud Solutions. He’s about as involved in our Multicloud Portfolio as anyone can be, and we had him in our clutches for 40 minutes, so Vallard and I asked him everything we could think of. A few of those items include:

  • What is the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio?
  • Who is it for?
  • What does it have to do with the big Cisco/Google announcement of a few weeks ago?
  • Do interested parties have to buy all of it, or can they pick and choose the bits they want?
  • How does it make life better for the people running IT organizations?
  • Where does the Portfolio go from here? Will it evolve?

If you were watching the kitten+owl video that day, you win. Here’s your chance to catch up and know everything your colleagues know—and more—without having to lift a finger. Just plug in your headphones and enjoy. You can watch the video version of this podcast on our YouTube page, or listen to the audio version on iTunes. And if you like it, please take a hot minute to rate it, review it, and subscribe to the channel. That way you won’t miss any of the other exciting episodes we have scheduled over the next several months. And we’ll have a better idea of which content you really enjoy. Thank you so much!


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager