A few weeks ago Cisco had the opportunity to present at Cloud Field Day to a panel of 14 influencers and to a larger audience via live stream. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Cloud Field Day, an extension of Tech Field Day, here is the breakdown: the top influencers (bloggers, podcasters, speakers, and freelance writers) come to Cisco to listen to a few experts talk about exciting topics in a presentation and discussion format. The influencers may ask questions throughout the presentation which makes the sessions more interesting and interactive.

Senior director of engineering and Cofounder at Cisco CloudCenter Gaurav Manglik presented at #CFD1 and gave a technical overview and shared details of how the product works and also showed a demo.

He further explains how Cisco CloudCenter, a hybrid cloud management platform, allows enterprises to easily create application models and shows how it is an efficient, flexible, and secure way to manage an evolving mix of Hybrid IT services.

You can watch the video below:

Noteworthy questions from the influencers (with time stamp included):

(10:50) What kind of integration do you have with ServiceNow? As a service catalog integration?

 (16:30) Is this [CloudCenter] being positioned as a competitor to vRA and RightScale? Listen in for key differences!

(17:45) Would you position this as the service catalog for an organization?

(22:00) What happens if you try to do something that cannot be implemented by policy? Micro-segmentation NSX, I can’t do that somewhere else, do you warn me about that when I deploy or does it just not happen?

(26:30) From the orchestrator perspective what’s the parody between yours and vRO?

Gaurav then transitions into the CloudCenter demo.

You can find the video below:

Noteworthy questions from the influencers during the demo (with time stamp included):

(10:00) You were contrasting various ways of deploying things saying scripting is bad because we have to change is all the time [can you further explain]?

(19:10) When you hit that provision button and set all the parameters can you do that through an API?

Is there anything I cannot do via API?

(19:50) What integrations do you have with configuration management systems, Chef, Puppet, Ansible?

Cloud Field Day in all had three different sessions from Cisco. Check out the recap of our first session where we discussed everything Cisco Metapod.

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Breana Jordan

Product Marketing Specialist

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