What if car ownership was like being a Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud customer?

You’d do your research and buy the car that was right for you. You’d drive it and love it because it was reliable and functional and had all the safety features you were looking for. But then one day you’d walk out to the garage, and BAM–you’d find that you’ve got heated leather seats!

You didn’t have to take the car into the dealership to get them installed. You didn’t have to pay extra for them. They simply appeared, and it’s great, because it had been pretty cold out lately, and you’d really been wishing you had those.

Two months after that you’d walk out and discover that you’ve suddenly got GPS and a backup camera. And you didn’t have to lift a finger to get them! They just showed up free of charge. Now you are really loving your car. And you start providing the dealer with suggestions as to what you’re hoping will materialize next.

That’s really what it’s like to be a Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud customer. The cloud you buy from us is powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use today, but it’s always getting better. We’re continually adding new features that make it easier to use and administer, and we don’t charge you for them. Plus, because our solution is delivered in a SaaS model, we’re able to implement those new features in the form of a seamless upgrade. Here’s the scoop on what we’ve included in the release that came out earlier this week:

Per Instance Metrics: Cloud users and admins can now see instance-level historical metrics via the drawers in the Instances panel in both Admin and Project sections of the COPC dashboard. This allows admins and users to better understand the overall utilization of their instances and better optimize application performance and utilization across their entire environment.

New Storage Panel and Metrics: Customers leveraging Ceph or local hypervisor storage can now access a storage panel, under the Admin section, that contains historical utilization and performance metrics. Cloud admins will now be able to more easily plan for their overall storage capacity needs and order more capacity in a timely manner.

Additional Cloud Metrics: Cloud admins can now see how many instances of each flavor type are running across the cloud, allowing them to better customize their flavors to meet their end users needs. Additionally they will be able to see how many instances are using each image type, allowing them to properly track image upgrades and EOL of each image.

For more details (and screen shots) check out the full update announcement.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager