Cisco for the cloud? Absolutely. We may not be the first name you think about but we’ve been a leader in the cloud market for years, quietly raking up innovations and building solutions. In fact, many companies consider Cisco an invaluable a strategic partner for their cloud migration.

Why? As much promise as the cloud holds, it’s not without its challenges. The typical company has an ecosystem of eighteen or more clouds. Some public. Some private. Some SaaS. All with different standards. And between those clouds and the company’s users is this vast, wild frontier powered by the internet, outside the walls of the company and generally beyond their control.

This is where Cisco comes in. We deliver cloud-neutral solutions that unify and accelerate operations by providing full-stack observability, consistent governance, richer insights, robust automation and secure connectivity that help you harness the power of your clouds and align your cloud and business strategies.

This year’s virtual Cisco Live is a great opportunity to learn more about the wide range of Cisco solutions that deliver these essential cloud capabilities. To help you more easily navigate to the cloud-specific content Cisco Live has to offer, we’ve created a cloud passport to help you map out the many talks, breakouts and overviews. Learn more about Cisco’s cloud leadership and how it can help your clouds work smarter.


Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing