OpenStack Summit Tokyo is just eight weeks away now, and we’re happy to say that event organizers have chosen about a dozen of Cisco’s OpenStack pros to speak at different breakout sessions during the event.

And believe it or not, these sessions are not all about networking.

Oh sure, I can see how you’d think that. It is our thing after all.

But the truth is there’s more to us than that. Way more. We’re that bespectacled physics professor you once had, who rolls in to work on a Harley. The bodybuilder who rescues kittens. The goth-looking skateboarder that secretly speaks four languages and gets straight A’s in school. Sure, we’re a giant networking company, but we’re also totally committed to OpenStack. All of OpenStack. Not just the networking elements. So although we will, in fact, speak about Neutron while we’re at the Summit, we’re also going to talk about cloud QoS, OpenStack consumption models, encryption, and containers–among other things. We’re involved in these issues. We care about their success. And we look forward to sharing our ideas about them with you in Tokyo.

The full list is below. Check it out! Hope to see you there.

Finally FDE – OpenStack Full Disk Encryption and Missing Pieces

Monitoring Docker Container and Dockerized Applications

OpenStack Neutron FWaaS Roadmap

Openstack Native QoS as a Services Framework: Design and Operational Practice

The Stack and Beyond: Analysis Paralysis

OpenStack Consumption Models: Three User Perspectives

Containers are hot, but how do they network? Moderated by Eric Hanselman, 451 Research

Kolla: Ansible Deployment + OpenStack in Docker Containers = Operator Bliss

Let’s Talk Roadmaps – OpenStack Style


OpenStack Federation: Past, Present, and Future (Panel)


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager