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February 6, 2013 - 4 Comments

Lots of big announcements around the new Catalyst 3850 that are very very interesting for how we design networks.  Check out our latest ‘Fundamentals’ to fully appreciate what has been accomplished here!

Thanks for watching as always!


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  1. Hi Robb ! I tried Catalyst 3850 and which is perfect then previous one. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Hi Robb ! I foutdThe Catalyst 3850 is a Layer two and three switch and it is working effectively. It is better than the Catalyst 3750.

  3. Great little switch and a great introduction, too. Are there plans to do the same as a layer 2 switch? Some customers might prefer to do the routing on another device, a local firewall for example. I like the 3750 a lot, but when the 2960S appeared the need for layer 3 switches in the wiring closet was gone.

    • Hi Joachim! The Catalyst 3850 is a layer 2 and layer 3 switch. If you use the "LAN Base" IOS software, the switch will support layer 2 functions only. If you use the "IP Base" or "IP Services" IOS software, then you'll have both layer 2 and layer 3 functions. The two posts below have more details. They covered the 2960S and 3K-X switches but they apply to the new 3850 switch too. Hope this helps!