It’s a long blog title, but there’s a lot of information packed into this show! We pulled it off, our second ever live TechWiseTV show and we’re back in the data center talking about all the new announcements surrounding Cisco Intersight and ACI 3.0. This show is packed with guests, customers, and technical demos. If you’re more familiar with either UCS or ACI, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up!

Robb interviews a lot of the heavy hitters starting off with Frank Palumbo.

Frank gives us the outlook of the Cisco data center moving forward. After a primer on both technologies, we jump into Intersight, and all things UCS and HyperFlex with Liz Centoni and Satinder Sethi.

Intersight is a brand new product, which as Chris Nichols explains in his demo is not just another management platform. It is allowing us to connect all sorts of UCS and HyperFlex devices, from all different geographies, using a cloud managed platform. Intersight will allow us to move toward an intent driven data center, while increasing security, providing us with Telemetry for ourselves and troubleshooting information for TAC, and of course still driving towards more automation with all the integration, zero-touch deployment, and open APIs.


We then get into ACI with Tom Edsall. ACI 3.0 was just released a few weeks ago and this is a major new release! While ACI has always embraced open APIs from the beginning, the programmability, automation, and integration with third parties is just getting better. Edsall mentioned the new Kubernetes integration specifically for folks moving towards more cloud native applications with containers. ACI Anywhere is also a huge play, providing customers with the ability to manage policy as they do in ACI, directly with public cloud partners. The main event was around ACI Multisite, though, which Lilian Quan showed us in her demos.

Just a jam-packed show with a lot of information, education, and even a polka band! Make sure to watch on YouTube or you can register here to watch and get more information.