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Robb says "Splunk runs best on UCS"
Robb says “Splunk runs best on UCS”

Traditional tools for managing and monitoring IT infrastructures are out of step with the constant change happening in today’s data centers. When problems arise, finding the root cause or gaining visibility across the infrastructure to pro-actively identify and prevent outages is nearly impossible. Into the bargain, virtualization and cloud infrastructures introduce additional complexity and create an environment that is more challenging to control and manage.

Episode 182 on TechWiseTV featured experts from both Cisco and Splunk.

Kevin and Karthik talk big data results
Kevin and Karthik talk big data results

Splunk software reliably collects and indexes machine data, from a single source to tens of thousands of sources, all in a real time.

Vertical scalability was a focus of the new release. According to Cisco, upgrading from 6.2 to 6.3 almost immediately resulted in searches completing up to six times faster and 4x gains in data indexing throughput.

Organizations typically start with Splunk to solve a specific problem, and then expand to address a broad range of use cases, across application troubleshooting, IT infrastructure monitoring, security, business analytics, Internet of Things, and many others that are entirely innovated by our customers. As the operational analytics become increasingly critical to day-to-day decision-making and Splunk software deployments expand to terabytes of data, a high-performance, highly scalable infrastructure is critical to ensuring rapid and predictable delivery of insights.

Wissam waxes rhapsodically as he bends data to his will
Wissam waxes rhapsodically as he bends data to his will

UCS’s ability to expand to thousands of servers supports the massive scalability that Splunk deployments support while delivering exceptional performance.  The Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for Splunk describes the architecture and deployment procedures for Splunk Enterprise on Distributed High Capacity reference architecture based on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data.

Cisco is not only working with Splunk to optimize UCS for improving results…but our security team relies on Splunk internally for their analysis.

Big thanks to Karthik Karupasamy and Robert Novak from Cisco.  And of course..the Splunk team: Friea Berg, Kevin Faulkner and Wissam Ali-Ahmad.

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