As we prepared for this show working with the Cisco MDS (which I think stands for Multi-Layer Director Storage Switches), I thought it was fun that Nitin Garg, our top of show guest, was also our guest from a segment shot back in London. Nitin was foreshadowing upcoming announcments that he subsequrently revealed in today’s show.

Nitin Garg with Jimmy Ray Purser at Cisco Live London

Beyond the people you see on screen, this show was largely made possible by the hard work of Gabe Dixon. Gabe has worked with us on multiple topics over the years.
Gabe Dixon
Frankly, I don’t think he ages.

Watch the full show below…

Episode 129: Cisco MDS


The star of this show was the new gear. The new MDS 9710 and 9250i. Next generation of storage networking with three times the bandwidth of ANY director in the industry. Berna Devrim did a nice job on her blog laying out the details if you like to read or link to more information.

As for our show and what you can expect,
Prashant Jain brings the massive 14RU Director Switch on the set with us so we can hands on with the hardware.

Mark Allen joins us to discuss packet flow and deployment considerations.

Mousumi Boseexplains services and the 9250i.

Andrew Levin wraps it all up for us showing off DCNM (Data Center Network Manager), that ‘Master Control Center’ for MDS, Nexus and UCS product lines.


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