Do you have visibility into how people and things interact in your physical properties, the kind of real-time insights to drive business outcomes? Probably not. Physical spaces are a data blind spot for most enterprises. Not anymore, with Cisco DNA Spaces.

Cisco DNA Spaces uses your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to digitize physical locations, including people (visitors, guests, employees) and things (sensors, smart devices, assets). It simplifies how location services are consumed by bringing all location products and applications together onto one cloud platform. You can turn on thousands of Wi-Fi locations easily and quickly, and control everything through a single dashboard.

Join us and learn how to avoid ‘digital blind spots’: Cisco DNA Spaces: Eliminating Your Data Blind Spot.

  • Rajesh Reddy covers:
    • July Systems and the mobile experience
    • The pivot from scalable mobility to location services
    • Extracting as much information about your physical visitors as you can with web visitors
    • No new sensor network – everything is accomplished with your existing infrastructure
    • Physical world analytics with examples from
      • Hospitality: staff notifications when a high-value guest arrives
      • Retail
    • Activation within hours – low risk


  • Darryl Sladden in the lab:
    • See, Act and Extend
      • See: visibility into people and things using the existing Wi-Fi as the detection mechanism
      • Act: rules engines so you can set up actions that occur when certain conditions are met
      • Extend: normalized data provided to 3rd parties with API’s, App Store
    • Drive specific behaviors
    • Conduct historical comparisons over time and between locations
    • Rules of engagement: Operational Insights on a previous TechWiseTV
    • Free trial for Meraki or Catalyst Wireless customers: https://dnaspaces.cisco.com/


Robb Boyd

Producer, Writer, Host