Bryan Williams on TechWIseTV
Bryan Williams on TechWIseTV

One of my favorite unsung hero’s for making life easier with what seems like all of your Cisco devices: Smart Call Home. Machine to machine communication that is disabled by default…but just a few quick steps could make your life SO MUCH EASIER.

Smart Call Home proactively flags device issues and initiates resolution which can dramatically improve business continuity. Enabled devices continuously monitor their own health and notify you of potential issues, often before business is affected. This automated support capability reduces resolution time by up to 80%.

Imagine getting these four benefits – right away

  • 24 hour self-monitoring and analysis of potential problems (I get this through my wife…but that’s a different story)
  • Proactive alerts with actionable resolution insights sent right to your inbox
  • Auto-generated Service Requests expediting support from Cisco TAC
  • Access to detailed device diagnoses, resolution insights, advisories and history reports through a dedicated portal.

Imagine TAC calling you with resolution of a problem you did not even know existed yet? It could happen.

Smart Call Home transforms device data from machine code for easy-to-execute, plain-language description of the alert, possible reasons for the fault, and recommendations on how to fix the issue.

I love this stuff. Our TechWiseTV episode on this came out great.



It was even my great fortune to cover for Jimmy Ray and personally host Engineer and Services Expert Bryan Williams again for the workshop. Watch right now and see just how easy it can be.



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