I love buffets.  (Especially when they are all you can eat). But what I really like is the ability to choose what and how much I want. This is where I know that the use of cloud services will become useful. When we don’t have to make an ‘either/or’ decision.

How work gets done has completely changed in just the last few years.

Fact is: business moves fast. When application developers or business leaders can’t get what they need the official way…it has never BEEN SO EASY (to go around the IT department).

Public Clouds offer so much less friction…no PO required… so can you blame them?

Third party cloud providers are doing a great job providing attractive, easy to use services. They have earned that business.

Who cares how it splinters your own company…puts your data at risk…or makes it almost impossible to transition from development to production?

We offer a couple of options for you here at Cisco:

  1. Get Tough. We have tools that can help you identify ‘shadow IT’, those rogue operations.  Find them and put the hurt on ‘em. It’s against policy…you have the company rule book to back you up.
  2. Address the Real Issue. Just give them what they want. They are following the path of least resistance…so make it easy.

We should all be thinking of ourselves as internal service providers. We have to compete and serve company interests viewing the world as it is, rather than as we wish it would be.

What is it my mom would always say?

“You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

So how would we go about doing that?

I suggest we look towards a few winners recently announced by The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA):

Best Cloud Infrastructure: Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

But also, for Best Cloud Management Solution: CliQr CloudCenter…now called ‘Cisco CloudCenter’ because that team is now part of Cisco and these two winners are now integrated.

In this episode we uncover why these applications are winning awards, and what kind of pain we can help get rid of.

Thank you to TechWiseTV alum Joann Stark for bringing this one to market..and for introducing me to the smart and energetic Zach Kielich. 

We will be doing a live workshop on this topic around August 18.  Please subscribe to our twitter feed (@techwisetv) and monitor that for updates on where to register.

Read more right now with Joann’s blog post: “Cisco Simplifies Business Transformation







Robb Boyd

Producer, Writer, Host