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We have a few full on episodes coming out of Cisco Live Milan soon as we cover launch details on hybrid cloud enablement with InterCloud plus the new APIC EM, Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, Enterprise Module. Again, these are coming soon. For now, we whet your appetite with a few of the great standalone conversations we had that are now trickling out.

Connected Transportation, which I initially confused with our IoE or Internet of Everything….but its not the same of course. Barry Einsig comes to Cisco from a very in depth background in all things transportation. Its a great example, if you are not familiar already, with how much depth there can be in any one subject. Great, industry specific examples showing where we can make a difference when connecting the previously unconnected.

In Network Programmability for Better Automation we asked about advancements in network programmability and how they were affecting Cisco’s core enterprise products. This in light of this APIC enterprise module taking us one step closer to FAST IT and the ever-present business agility. We talked to Sujai Hajela, VP/GM for Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group.

We also caught up with Sachin Gupta to talk about how customers are using our architectural approach to further their business goals. Topics included continued momentum with unified access; personalized engagement with customers using CMX; how iWAN is redefining connectivity across the enterprise; and, last but not the least, IT simplicity.

One of my favorite demo’s come from our relationship with Glue Networks. Jeff Gray, cofounder and CEO walked me through a live demonstration of the Gluware intelligent orchestration engine, which is making the programmable Cisco network a reality. He used his iPhone to provision new switches, policies, and other manual or error-prone activities. QoS, network automation, and other parameters plus iWAN and performance routing highlight Glue Networks’ elegant visual interface, using APIs from the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module.

And finally, I got to meet one of the newest members of the Cisco Designated VIP Program, representing the Cisco Learning Network, Riikka Sihvonen. Riikka is a data center technician from Finland and was at Cisco Live in Milan for her first time. She is a contributer and collaborator in the true sense of the word.

It was a very successful trip. I look forward to sharing the episodes we created while there – those will be out soon!

Stay tuned.



Robb Boyd

Producer, Writer, Host