Vaughan Klein

Managing Director for Cisco Observability

Cisco AppDynamics

Vaughan Klein is the Managing Director for Cisco Observability at Cisco Systems where he oversees the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. Vaughan has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector across a range of technologies where his focus has always been on partnering with businesses to understand their challenges and reaching their desired outcomes through the use of cutting-edge technological solutions. Now, as he leads AppDynamics at Cisco, his focus has shifted towards the challenges of delivering seamless Observability digital experiences from complex, multi-platform and cloud-based environments to intuitive solutions that empower businesses to masterfully navigate the intersection of big data and business insights to reduce risk and enhance performance.


April 23, 2024


Full Stack Observability: Everything, everywhere, all at once

3 min read

With data signals coming from every direction, it's getting harder to monitor how well your digital infrastructure is (or isn't) working. Cisco FSO solutions can help.