Virginia Lewis

Project Manager/Program Manager

University Recruiting Talent Acquisition

I have my BSCE degree from the University of Central Florida. For 7 years I worked in the civil engineering industry before taking the leap at an opportunity to look at numbers differently with Cisco. Since then, I've never looked back! From finance reports, data analytics, metrics and KPIs to tool support and so much more - I couldn't be more excited to work for my team(s) within University Recruiting, Talent Acquisition.

What makes me proud to work at Cisco is the company's invested interest in making a positive impact on so many things - from new advancements in hardware to creative ways to collaborate; from cyber security to philanthropy - so much good comes out of this company and its people, it's nothing short of inspiring.

It's thrilling to me that I have the opportunity to work with leadership that invests in their team! Talk about motivation to bring my A game to work every day! And of course I can’t take for granted the number of "doors" Cisco has opened - with stretch assignments and Cisco’s Employee Learning and Development portal, the opportunities to grow in what you do (or even something new) are limitless...you just have to go after them!

When I'm not geeking out over Cisco or trying to insert one-liners in Jabber or WebEx Teams conversations, I am making up silly songs to motivate my kids to do their chores or am binge listening to podcasts (shout out to some of our very own Privacy Sigma Riders, Beers with Talos and Connected Futures).