Tracy Smith

Market Manager, Enterprise

Data Center Networking

An innovative, omni-channel marking professional with extensive experience in brand strategy, delivery of new technologies to the marketplace, effective campaign management, and impactful value realization.


August 12, 2021


When You Need It Most: Emergency Time Off

3 min read

Emergencies are tough to plan for, and that's why Cisco has your back with Emergency Time Off! Tracy S. shares her story during the Texas winter storm.

October 1, 2020


Transforming the Telecom Data Center to Support Profitability

2 min read

The telecommunications industry is evolving. This is no surprise to anyone considering the expansion and evolution to internet, cable TV and streaming media. The transformation, however, is not over. It’s moving to the next level with the deployment of 5G, WiFi 6 and now enterprise edge and carrier data transport services. From multinational telecoms to rural […]