Tony Dubiel

DevOps and Automation Advisor

CCIE #10844 (R&S, Collab, and DC), Tony leads Programmability and Automation for Cisco’s GES South area in the USA.

As a Technical Solutions Architect, he drives programmability and automation with customers who desire to implement DevOps principles into their IT practices.

Tony is passionate about making Infrastructure as Code (IaC) production ready and at scale by combining Open Source tools with Cisco Orchestration solutions. To this end, Tony provides workshops and enablement initiatives to help customers explore programmability of APIs with Python, Ansible, Terraform etc., CICD pipelines, and automated testing and assurance across several domains and platforms.

Tony is going on ten years with Cisco with roles in the Service Provider, Partner, and Enterprise segments. In the last few years his focus shifted completely to cloud and network automation.


October 1, 2019


Tune in: “Demystifying Cisco Orchestration for Infrastructure as Code”

8 min read

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