Tanya Bhatia

Technical Marketing Engineer

Enterprise Switching Group

Tanya is a Technical Marketing Engineer with Enterprise Switching Group and currently based out of Bangalore. In her current role, she is responsible to be the Technical matter expert of Catalyst Products for High volume market in Enterprise sector.

Apart from her love for technology, she loves to dance and has learnt various forms of dance since childhood. She has been associated with ECN ( Early Career network ) for a long time and was the Marketing and Branding Lead for ECN India Chapter. She is also Inter Corporate Carom Champion.

She is a very friendly and jovial person, likes cracking PJs, loves hanging out with friends, and loves fashion. She likes to do it all.


October 31, 2017


Let’s Dance!

2 min read

Tanya shares her passion of dance and how Cisco has kept her dancing all these years.