Shivu Vibhuti

Senior Technical Leader

Enterprise Networking

Shivu Vibhuti is a Senior Technical Leader in Cisco’s Enterprise Networking group, responsible for architecture, design, and development of Platform Enablement Software Infrastructure in the Cisco IOS XE software stack for Cisco switches and routers. Shivu has 24 years of experience in software development, including drivers, firmware, operating systems, virtual desktop system software, platform enablement infrastructure, middleware, and applications. He holds a patent from USPTO and has a BE/BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Karnataka University, India, and a MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.


September 17, 2021


Platform Abstraction Simplifies, Accelerates, and Enhances the Work of Cisco Developers

3 min read

Cisco Platform Abstraction (CPA) is a model-driven, administrative platform software development kit (SDK) created by Cisco developers that disaggregates software and hardware from a Network Operating System (NOS) like Cisco IOS XE. CPA streamlines the work of the hardware development team, the diagnostics team, and the platform team, saving time and money for development.