Surya Raju

Product Manager

Enterprise Switching

Surya has been with Cisco for the last 6 years. She started her Cisco journey as a devtest engineer and then as a system test engineer with the Service Provider Access Group. Then a year into Release Operations managing releases for Enterprise Switching group. She is now having a great time as a Product Manager for Enterprise Switching group and is part of the Software Strategy team.

She was Cisco India ECN co-lead and has also served as the co-lead for Cisco’s Global Early in Career Network.

She loves to blog and has her own travel blogging site. She takes keen interest in classical dance forms. She says, anyone who gets to know her closely will definitely know her love for animals.


June 28, 2018


Six Years of Awesome – Celebrating my Ciscoversary!

3 min read

From Engineer to Product Manager Surya has tried many careers at Cisco, and what she loves most of all is being able to reinvent herself within the company!