Suhas Nandakumar

Senior Software Engineer

Collaboration Technologies Group

Suhas has over 6 years of experience in the communications industry. In 2009, he joined Cisco as a Technologist at the Office of the CTEO, Collaborations Technology Group. He has been responsible for technical innovation in the areas of Mobility, Semantic Web, WebRTC, User Interface and User Experience. He has been a key contributor to many concept projects at Cisco and contributed to several open source projects including Firefox, nsel, and nfdump. Prior to joining Cisco in 2009, Suhas worked with Motorola India Electronics Limited on 3GPP2 CDMA infrastructure development. Suhas has a Masters Degree from North Carolina State University with a focus on Computer Science Theory. He loves listening to music, travel places, playing with new technologies and gizmos in his free time.


November 10, 2012


WebRTC – Bringing Real Time Communications to the Web Natively

6 min read

Would you believe me if I say that, using just a few lines of JavaScript and HTML5 you could transform the Photo Booth app (available on Mac OSX) into a cool web based application, or overlay real-time audio and video onto your favorite WebGL based 3D game canvas, or build a plugin-less version of WebEx? […]