Steve Daigle

Senior Systems Engineering Manager

Global Service Provider

Steve Daigle is the Senior Systems Engineering Manager in Cisco’s Global Service Provider business. He sets the technology strategy and sales engineering direction for the company’s Service Provider Territory Operation, which includes over 3,000 telcos, cable providers, cloud providers, data centers, mobility, and SP Wi-Fi companies across the US.

Prior to his current role, Steve was Senior Systems Engineering Manager of Cisco’s Global Service Provider Data Center practice. In that leadership capacity he executed the Cisco data center vision across a wide range of customers including web, mobility, cloud, gaming, and telco providers. Steve was the host and moderator of Cisco Knowledge Network, a series of technology deep-dive workshops with Cisco experts on data center topics including servers, storage, switching, and software.

Before joining Cisco in 2011, Steve had a 15-year career as an engineering and sales leader at various service providers. He led engineering teams building wireless, optical, voice, and data networks nationwide for over 10 years at some of the largest service providers in the US. In 2004 he moved from engineering into sales and marketing, where he was instrumental in bringing to market industry-leading products and managing sales and engineering teams across the US.

A lifelong learner, Steve has two generations of educators on both sides of his family. As the holder of six technology patents, he is also passionate about volunteering for STEM education in the Dallas area. He is an active mentor in formal and informal mentoring programs for aspiring managers at Cisco. Steve holds an MSIN degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and a BSEE from the University of Louisiana.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @sjdaig


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